5 Top Celebrities to Subscribe to on Facebook

1. Jessica Alba

Oh, you know, Jessica just shared her photo album with me. No biggie.

Actress Alba’s subscribe updates range from concert photos to complaints about her husband (don’t get too excited, guys — they’re harmless). She talks about heading to the gym (like she needs it) and explaining the word “ugly” to her daughter.

All in all, a very rich and comprehensive look into the wholesome world of a movie star.

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Facebook‘s new Subscribe feature has got one thing on Twitter: You can now see Jessica Alba’s photo albums. So what are you waiting for?

Last month Facebook launched Subscribe, a tool that allows users to follow strangers’ publicly posted activity without having to send a friend request.

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Several mainstream celebs have already shared their posts with the world, providing an insider’s peek into red carpet life.

Are you subscribing to any other celebrities’ News Feeds? Let us know!

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